Tracing Spheres is an entirely virtual experience that you can participate in from home or wherever you find yourself. No pants necessary. All you need is your phone, though a pad of paper and pen will certainly come in handy.


This experience is a comedic hunt that takes you through a variety of instagram profiles in search of missing treasure.


Here's a tip from us to you: If you explore each profile chronology to the end, you'll discover not just clues, but more context and Easter Eggs sprinkled throughout.  

We decided to offer this experience to you during this strange and sometimes isolating time of quarantine. Because we put it together very recently for your enjoyment, all dates on the instagram pages should be disregarded, they are not clues and they are not “correct” in terms of the timeline we wish to illustrate.


Instead, pay attention to what the characters say and do and what you can find in their images. Some may lead you to unexpected places outside of instagram before bringing you back. We hope you have some fun and a good laugh on this virtual and likely pantless journey.


If you get stuck or want a hint DM us on Instagram @purplecrayonimmersive.

The adventure begins here. Happy Hunting!


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