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Below is a list of FAQs that pertain to our pre-written experiences. If you have questions about a custom event, please feel free to contact us at


What will happen at this party?

A detective will arrive at your home, office, or alternate location to host the event. The detective will be played by one of our highly experienced improv actors and will come equipped with character information packets for each guest as well as all the props and equipment needed for the game. Your guests will arrive looking fly in '90s gear, ready to embody their characters. They will then have a blast solving clues and puzzles, tracking a killer, and reliving the most incredible decade of their lives. 

How long is this?

This game takes about 2 hours to play.

Where is this party and will you feed us?

During this experience, we come to you! You will be responsible for securing the location as well as all the food and drink you desire. We will be responsible for the murder and merriment. If you don't gave a location in mind, let us know and we'll help. 

Do we have to do "acting"? because I'm shy.

You and your guests will each receive an envelope filled with a character description and information about yourself and the other guests. You will be asked to read your information to the group, but your level of commitment to the character is entirely up to you. If any of your guests would rather not receive a character, just let us know!

This is about murder, is it scary?

This is not scary. This is silly and funny. 


What will happen during the experience?

All of our in-person hunts begin when the group meets a character at a predetermined location in NYC. The exact location will be given to the group a few days prior to the event. The character that meets the group will explain that they are in need of assistance and that the group must work together to aid them in a quest. The group will then travel by foot to various locations, meet different characters, gather information, solve clues and puzzles, and perhaps receive some light snacks and a drink. 


How long is it?

All our in-person hunts are approximately 90 min. 


Will I be walking outside?

Yes. You and your group will be traveling to several locations within the same neighborhood. Some of the locations are inside and some are outside. The walk from location to location is never more than 10 minutes. 


What do I need to bring?

Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, and an umbrella if needed. If it’s hot out, a water bottle is recommended. 


Who are these actors, anyway?

The characters you will meet are all played by highly experienced professional actors and improv comedians. 

What if someone in my group is shy? Will they be forced to put on a funny hat and participate?

Our actors are skilled at ensuring that everyone in your group feels comfortable throughout the experience. They will make sure that everyone is given the opportunity to participate, but if someone feels more comfortable watching from the sidelines, that is okay too! 

What is the vibe here? Are your shows funny? Serious? Campy?

Our experiences are whimsical and darkly comedic with a healthy dose of wit. 


Where will the experience begin and end?

The experience will begin and end at two separate locations within the same neighborhood. We don’t list the exact starting and ending locations to maintain a sense of mystery, but if your group would feel more comfortable knowing where these will be, we can certainly let you know. 




Explain to me how this works.

Groups will work together over Zoom, either all together in one group or split into smaller breakout rooms. There will be one actor on screen with every group that will facilitate the game. 


What happens exactly?

The actor facilitating the game will be playing a character that is in need of the group’s help. The group will be asked to work together to solve a mystery or complete a mission. The group will then use the internet to solve clues and puzzles in pursuit of their quest. In our game Clash of the Psychics, groups will play games and complete whimsical tasks. 


Do I have to have my camera on?

The game works best when everyone has their camera and sound on. 


How long does it take?

Our virtual games range from 45-90 min


Do I need anything to play?

All you will need is a piece of paper and something to write with.

Is this fun?


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