What a creative group of people to come up with this lemonade out of the CovidLemons of 2020…My team sent about eleventy billion texts to each other when it was over about how fun it was.

-Corporate Client

A virtual puzzle-solving adventure. 

Can you remain socially distant while going the distance? This hunt will challenge your spirit and your mind. It will take you on an unexpected journey through a web so massive it has been branded world wide. 


The Players

This show is perfect for team building and has been enjoyed by employees, new students, prospective students, staff, faculty, interns and more. Companies old, new, large and small love this online puzzle adventure. This game is $75 per person with a minimum booking of 4. There is no maximum. Larger groups will be broken into teams and can compete for time!


The Purpose

A clever and fun way for communities to build and foster social connections. Whether your company has worked together for years or you have a brand new group of clients or interns you want to welcome, this game is the perfect bonding activity. This puzzle hunt game will make groups laugh together, solve together and come away feeling more connected to their peers or coworkers. 


The Particulars

A 90-minute game that asks groups to work together to crack codes and solve puzzles. Word games, code-breaking and watching fun videos for clues will all help forward the plot of the interactive adventure. Groups will be given fun unexpected information from the internet and also engage with real-life props via their facilitator as one clue leads them to the next. 


The Plot

 A famous symbol of luck has been stolen. A Private Investigator needs your help to decipher clues that were left behind. Groups must uncover who is behind this sinister act and successfully complete the rescue mission from afar. 


The Personalization

Do you want us to feature a specific totem or mascot that represents your company? Let us know and we are happy to personalize this game for your team at no extra cost.

Contact us to set up a date for your team to experience the adventure

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