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What You'll Do:

A famous symbol of luck has been stolen, and the detective assigned to the case needs your help to catch the culprit! This crime is the latest in a series of mascot-kidnappings, totem-thefts and emblem-robberies, leaving law enforcement with only one conclusion: The criminal is obsessed with luck, and must be stopped before they strike again. 

The adventure begins on Zoom. Your group will meet the detective, video-chatting you from what they believe to be the thief's lair. Together, you'll help the desperate gumshoe sort through the clues left behind in this strange place. ​

In this mad-cap mystery, your group will sort through digital clues, help the detective search for physical objects, and engage with videos and websites (both familiar and unfamiliar). We recommend each participant keep their cameras and microphones on for best results. This experience is hosted on Zoom, but other video conferencing software can also be used.

Pricing and Booking Information:

This experience is 90 minutes, with a minimum booking of 4, at $75 per person. Larger groups will be split into smaller teams and can compete for time! Ideal for team-building, student groups, and family gatherings. Customization available on request.

Group reservations available on the date and time of your choice. 

Email us to get started.

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