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TOP 5 Immersive Halloween Experiences in NYC

3 Dollar Bill has created an immersive David Lynch and David Bowie Halloween show. Those are undeniably two of the best Davids so we’d wager this shouldn’t be missed. Especially if your name is David. This immersive experience will include DJ’s a party atmosphere, live bands and a live performance of what’s referred to as “The Laura Palmer Deviations”. Attendees are encouraged to wear thematic costumes. We call dibs on the log lady.

At the McKittrick Hotel (are these guys ever not doing cool things?) experience a theatrical soiree that transforms the venue into a Hollywood movie premier. Each room will have it’s own vibe and feel with high production props and sets that reflect Hitchcockian themes. Ticket holders are encouraged to dress like their favorite characters. Dibs on the shower curtain.

Purple Crayon Immersive presents an immersive evening in Dumbo, Brooklyn. As you stroll along the water you’ll meet strange people from Beverly’s past and try to piece together what happened to her last Halloween. This immersive comedy and puzzle solving show will keep you laughing and guessing throughout the night. One adult beverage is included in the price and you are encouraged to dress however you like. Dibs on sweats.

This immersive party will feature cheeseburgers and fries. Dress as your favorite Tim- You had us at the fries. But seriously folks, dress as your favorite Tim Burton character and enjoy DJ’s dancing and drinks all at the beautiful Bryant Park Lounge. General admission tickets as well as open bar tickets are available. Dibs on Frankenweenie.

This immersive haunted experience in Huntington New York takes place on a movie set controlled by a demented and insane director. He is infamous for his crude and real methods of extracting intense fear and horror from mere mortals just like us. Drink! Murder! Music! We’re there.

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