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5 Spooky Date Night Ideas for Couples Who Love Halloween

Your couples costumes require at least three months worth of planning. You binged all of The Haunting of Hill House in a day. Your dream house is a four-story Victorian mansion with a history of mysterious deaths.

For the Halloween-obsessed couple, October is the perfect date-night season, but finding new and fun activities to enjoy can be a bit of a challenge. Here are 5 fun, spooky date night ideas to keep your love story just as creepy as when you first traded favorite murder stories across the dinner table.

1. Drinks at Brooklyn’s House of Wax

Located at Brooklyn’s City Point adjacent to the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater, House of Wax is the perfect place to enjoy a craft cocktail while simultaneously studying the death mask of Napoleon Bonaparte. Based on the panoptica touring attractions of the late 1800s, House of Wax exhibits a rare selection of waxwork sculptures featuring life-size, realistic displays of anatomy, pathology and anthropology. Grab a quick drink before heading to the movies, or spend the evening marveling at the effects of syphilis as depicted on an anatomically correct model of the human body. And if you’re not the kind of person who is easily made squeamish, they also have a food menu.

2. Where the F is Beverly?

If you love immersive theater but hate the cheesiness of an amateur haunted house, you’ll love the new show from Purple Crayon Immersive. “Where the F is Beverly” is an interactive adventure through DUMBO that asks audiences to attempt to solve an ominous disappearance. Groups of up to 10 people traverse the streets of Downtown Brooklyn, solving puzzles and clues, and interacting with mysterious and often hilarious characters. The show runs October 28th, 29th and 30th and is limited to 3 groups per night, so get your tickets while they last!

3. Candlelit Ghost Tours of the Merchant’s House Museum

The Merchant’s House Museum is creepy on a good day, but throw in candles and Victorian mourning tradition and it becomes a whole new experience. The house is a near-perfect preservation of its original state as a family home to the Tredwell family, who lived in the house from 1840 until Gertrude Tredwell’s death in 1933. During that time, 8 family members died in the house, and their funerals were held in the home’s double parlor on the main floor.

Reservations are required for these 60-minute tours of all four floors of the house, including the 4th floor servants quarters. Tours run on dates from October 17th through October 30th, click here for tickets and availability.

4. Shopping at Obscura Antiques

This shop was the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary series called Oddities, which ran from 2010 to 2014 and chronicled the day-to-day operations of one of the weirdest stores in New York City, and that includes the guy in your apartment building’s stairwell who keeps trying to sell you that New York Post from 1995. Obscure vintage medical journals, dice made out of real bone, and freeze-dried bats are just some of the creepy merchandise offered at this unique shop.

5. A Stroll Through Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery

Browse through 19th Century undertaker’s ledgers, visit the Tomb of Secrets or drop a priceless necklace at the grave of a Titanic victims. Green-Wood Cemetery is a serene slice of nature smack dab in the middle of busy Brooklyn. Check out their events calendar to book something specific, or just stop by to walk the paths of one of the oldest still-active cemeteries in New York City.

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