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5 Immersive Holiday Experiences in NYC

This sounds nuts. Go to Randall’s Island where there are 16 acres worth of theme parks, art displays, live performance and fun. The theme of LuminoCity is an adventure store of a magical light bulb named aptly, Lumi. Expect light up forests, dinosaurs, and of course a towering Xmas tree. There will be indoor booths and outdoor food trucks. For an extra treat get a ticket to one the 3 themed nights- Cosplay anyone?

Tickets are $38 and the experience runs November 23, 2019, to January 5, 2020

From the immersive team that brought you “Where the F is Beverly?” comes a new comedic immersive adventure. This 90-minute sleigh-less ride by foot through Park Slope guarantees chuckling, chugging and cheer. You'll solve clues and puzzles and be introduced to the mystical ex-communicated Elven community who know better than anyone, this truly is a mediocre life. Some light noshing and boozin included.

Tickets are $75 and include snacks, cocoa and some booze. It runs Dec 16, 17th.

Discount: For a 10% discount join Purple Crayon’s mailing list!

New Ohio's basement theater transforms into a living archive of the neighborhood as audiences engage in a hands-on 360° pre-show experience, then become immersed in a series of short-form (10-15 minute), locally-inspired pieces, each created by teams of NYC's most adventurous theater artists. It was amazing last year and fun for the whole fam. This one is kiddo appropriate.

Tickets are $25 and it runs December 27, 2019 — January 4, 2020

The Unbrunch is a fully immersive theatrical experience in Chelsea that sends guests down the Rabbit Hole on an adventure through Wonderland. The many residents of this curious place help guide guests through the narrative which will land them in one of eight possible alternate endings. While the standard Unbrunch experience does not include food, hungrier guests may make a Brunch Reservation that feeds them directly into the show giving them a full belly and even more insight into the chaos that is Wonderland.

Tickets that do not include food and drink are $85. Tickets are available for Nov 23rd and 30th.

Discount: $20 off standard reservations with code ‘Curious’

An immersive indoor wonderland with trains zipping through over 125 New York City landmarks. The landmarks are lovingly created with natural materials (think cinnamon sticks) so the fun is clearly in the details. It gets better- there are 21+ nights where vendors are selling adult beverages and food. There will also be artistic ice carving, festive performers, dueling piano singalongs, and DJ sets all around some inviting fire pits.

Tickets are $38 and Bar Car nights are Nov 23, 29, 30, Dec 7, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 and Jan 2, 4, 11 and 19. 7-10pm

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