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5 Artists Finding Unique Ways to Reach You at Home

This pandemic has been a real bummer, to say the least. Many artists and performers are feeling particularly adrift at sea as we have suddenly found ourselves unable to work, perform, and do the things that both pay the bills and make us feel human. A silver lining of this though, is that many in our community have been forced to find creative solutions to keep working and reach audiences in this crazy new reality. We at Purple Crayon have created Tracing Spheres a digital puzzle adventure, that is entirely free. If you haven’t played yet, we hope you do! We’ve also been on the hunt for other interesting projects and performances that can be experienced from home. We wanted to highlight a handful of these that we plan to check out and think you should too!

VenaSchittShow (Burlesque/drag/whatever)

Burlesque fans may know her as Venatrix, but they may not know that she is producing an incredibly unique experience from home event on June 6. This is a burlesque/drag/whatever tribute to SCHITT'S CREEK, streaming live in your very own motel room! Plus: trivia, drinking games, and a costume contest! This one is sure to be a blast and we can’t wait for it. You can access the event for free, but digital tips are highly encouraged.

Tickets: Digital tips highly encouraged

We are proud to say that this one was created by the brilliant and talented Purple Crayon company member Kerry Ipema. (Purple Crayon fans may have seen her as Belle this past Halloween in Where the F is Beverly?) Her one woman production of Sex and the City has been touring the world and had a run Off-Broadway as well. She performs every season of the show beginning to end, and Sex and the City fans will find this truly delightful. This show is absolutely hilarious and is now streaming! You can view the full show for $19.95 and  and proceeds will be directed to The Actors Fund, a national organization supporting out-of-work entertainment professionals across the country, as well as the One Woman Sex and the City company directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Streaming this one is a great way to have a good laugh while at the same time helping to support our community during this time.

Tickets: $19.95

This one is by Sinking Ship Creations and seems incredibly cool. “The Girl On The Phone is a 60-90 minute immersive experience, a set of texts and phone calls between you and a kidnapped tourist with a scavenged mobile phone. Over the course of the experience, you'll use the resources you have on hand to help Irene escape her captors and comfort her in the midst of a crisis.” Tickets are $59.99 for this unique one on one experience.

Tickets: $59.99

Model Majority (Sketch Comedy)

This group is NYC's first all Asian- American sketch comedy team. Their last live-streamed show with the People's Improv Theater had record breaking attendance and raised money for DUMPLINGS AGAINST HATE, the Asian Americans for Equality Small Business Emergency Relief Fund. They've been featured in Time Out as well as South China Morning Post and Cityguide. Their members have performed on SNL, Comedy Central and countless other TV comedies. Their livestream show on July 10 is sure to be a blast, and we can't wait to tune in. Here is a link to their facebook page where their upcoming show details will be posted soon.

Tickets: Donations encouraged

Need to relax? This is Not a Theater Company has created a Play In Your Bathtub. This is "a site-specific, participatory, multi-sensory audio play that takes place in your own (scented) bathtub or foot bath. Candle optional but recommended." The show promises poetry, singing and Dances for Small Appendages in Water. This Is Not a Theatre Company "creates site-based, immersive, multi-sensory participatory dance-theatre that can be eaten, touched, and smelled as well as seen and heard." There are currently dates available through May 31. Tickets are by donation.

Tickets: Free but donations highly appreciated

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