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What You'll Do:

Before the event, guests each receive a message from beleaguered bride Sherri. Her grandfather, infamous bootlegger Martin E. Glasse, promised his Moonshine recipe to the first of his grandchildren to get married. With her wedding approaching, Sherri’s discovered that Grandpa Martin left clues to this recipe with each of her estranged siblings. There's only one problem: None of them can stand each other. Sherri needs your help to bring them all together.


This cheeky adventure begins at a swanky venue in Chelsea, where your group will share a drink with Sherri and get to know the bride-to-be. You’ll travel through this iconic neighborhood in search of the other members of the Glasse family, gathering clues and uncovering ingredients along the way.


During this comedic puzzle hunt, your group will work together and interact with several characters played by highly skilled and experienced improv comedians and actors. A few drinks and lots of laughs are included as your guests work to discover the legacy of prohibition-era New York City.


Email us to get started.

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