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"Where the F is Beverly? is a well crafted interactive piece and is a great success in the developing hybrid field of immersive theatre and participatory game’s a smash hit all around- No Proscenium


What You'll Do:

Before the event, your guests will each receive a message from a mysterious woman in need of help. Her best friend Beverly was murdered one year ago and the murder was never solved. She's been receiving mysterious coded messages, and she believes that they are being sent by Beverly from beyond the grave. If someone can decipher these messages, perhaps they can solve the murder and put Beverly's spirit to rest!


The adventure begins by the river in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Beverly's mysterious friend will present the messages she has received, and your group must decode them. You'll follow clues and solve puzzles, on a journey through Dumbo, during which time you'll meet the people from Beverly's life and attempt to solve her murder. 


During this darkly comedic puzzle hunt, groups will work together and interact with several characters played by highly skilled and experienced improv comedians and actors. They will receive a drink along the way and discover dark corners of Brooklyn they may not have known existed. 

Email us to get started. 

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