Covid has made entertainment tricky. Custom puzzle hunts will keep folks safe, sane and exhilarated. They make great birthday gifts, anniversary surprises and more.


Purple Crayon Immersive will research your town and incorporate fun strange locales that are open, accessible and safe. Add custom puzzles with personalized details and a whimsical narrative and voila, you have a wild day ahead of you! 


For an additional fee we can also send custom props with surprising elements or simply provide a suggested shopping list for you to complete yourself.


If you feel particularly concerned about being away from home during this time we are happy to build a hunt within your home for a loved one or for your family to complete. You provide short videos of the rooms and/or any outdoor spaces we can include and we will design the rest. Set up will be simple on your end and even, dare we say, fun!


Experiences start as low as $300 and can be put together in a matter of days, it's up to you how long, how complicated and how many people participate. No two hunts are alike. We are excited to get started on yours.

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