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What You'll Do: 

Beverly Lillz was murdered weeks ago, and the killer was never found. But now her friends and family think they may be getting messages from her from beyond the grave. One friend in particular is desperate to learn the truth, but Beverly's communications come in the form of puzzles, riddles and ciphers. Is she trapped between worlds? Help is needed to figure out exactly what she's trying to say.


The adventure begins on Zoom. Your group will meet one of Beverly’s friends, video-chatting you from Beverly’s home. Your group will help them go through Beverly’s things, talk to the people she knew, and decipher the clues she left behind in hopes of finding her killer.

In this darkly comedic paranormal mystery, your group will sort through digital clues and puzzles, and meet several characters played by highly skilled and experienced improv comedians and actors. We recommend each participant keep their cameras and microphones on for best results. This experience is hosted on Zoom, but other video conferencing software can also be used.

Pricing and Booking Information:

This experience is 60 minutes, with a minimum booking of 4, at $60 per person. Larger groups will be split into smaller teams and can compete for time! Ideal for special events, student groups, and family gatherings.

Group reservations available on the date and time of your choice. 

Email us to get started.

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