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"I have done a murder mystery or two in my day, and this one had - by a longshot - the most creative and well-designed puzzles/clues that I've encountered. Also, the writing is hilarious."

-Chris, Corporate Client

"Oh my god, the 90's Murder Mystery Party was…off the chain! It was so funny and puzzles were challenging and tickled my nostalgia funny bone."

-Kerry, Birthday Party Host

What You'll Do:

The year is 1998. But you and your guests will be partying like it's 1999, decked out in your most stylish '90s gear. Unfortunately, a detective will soon arrive with some startling news. There has been a murder.

Before the event, each of your guests will receive an envelope with their character name and description, along with information about how they knew the deceased (and an extra bit of gossip). 


The detective will explain that this particular murder mystery is extra mysterious as the killer has created an elaborate trail of clues and puzzles that leads to their identity. Everyone at the party is a suspect and one thing is certain, the killer is among them.   


The group must work together to solve each of the puzzles, ultimately exonerating the innocent and exposing the one true killer. 


This game is jam-packed with '90s nostalgia and humor and is certain to delight anyone with a fondness for this epic decade. 

How it works:

The detective, played by a highly skilled and experienced improv actor, will arrive to host the event at the location of your choosing. The game runs about 2 hours and is best played by a minimum of 6 people. We are available to travel anywhere within the New York City area and can travel outside of New York for an extra fee.

Don't have a venue? Let us know and we'll help find a place that's awesome. 


Thanks! We'll get back to you ASAP to get the ball rolling!

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