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Quinlan Pozner hails from Denver, CO but has called New York home for nearly 20 years. She has worked in the wild world of immersive theatre for the past ten years in the roles of producer, writer, actor, and director. Quinlan is most interested in working with clients to help them build stories and events that excite and surprise them. Quinlan never says never. She has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College with a concentration in Directing and an MFA in Acting from the New School for Drama.

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Michele McNally is a native New Yorker and a performer with experience in film, television, traditional and interactive theatre. She has been a tour guide, a writer, an actor and a comedian and above all is passionate about story-telling in whatever form it may take. Michele loves being involved in projects that subvert audience expectations and create an atmosphere that allows participants to see the world from a new perspective. She has a Bachelor of Arts in acting from SUNY New Paltz.




Jordan Spoon is an actress and theater artist whose work includes traditional theater, film and television as well as interactive site-specific performance and Improvisation. She has spent many years working in the immersive theater world as a creator, performer and production manager. She is passionate about work that removes audiences from the everyday, and drops them into magical situations in the real world. She believes that when we allow ourselves to get curious about our surroundings, we can rediscover our ability to simply delight in the wonders around us. She received a MFA in acting from Rutgers University.

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