A competitive 60 minute game designed for friends or colleagues to play online, Remote Relay accommodates anywhere from 6 to 200 people. 

The game consists of trivia, team challenges and active riffs on popular board games. Your group will be broken up into teams that compete against one another in an epic battle to win the much coveted Virtual Cup. 


The Reason

Working  from home doesn’t mean you can’t have a drink with your colleagues and enjoy a few laughs and some light competition (or heavy, as the case may be!) This game is perfect for teams that work remotely but want to stay connected. 


The Run Time

This game is 60 minutes, but if you require something longer or shorter don’t be shy! Just let us know. We are happy to offer longer or shorter game times.


The Rules

You must have at least 6 participants to book this game. Every participant will need access to a computer with wifi connection and will need to join our designated Zoom room when the time is right. You will need to give Zoom access to audio and video in order to play.


The Rate

Remote Relay costs $40 per participant. Should you require a longer game (over 60 minutes) prices will be adjusted accordingly. 


The Reviews

“This was the most fun my team has had together in a while and we weren’t even drinking!” - Sharon from Accounting


The Rest

We are happy to include customizations to tailor the game to fit the needs of your team.

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